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Thanks to Dr.Dileep sir and Homoeopathy
We are very thankful for the treatment provided by Dr.Dileep sir, as we are blessed with a baby girl now just after 5 months of medication.

With pride, we strongly recomend Dr.Dileep sir for those who have infertility issues.

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I just want to share our happiness to all
Hi... I am ArunSilja.. I just want to share our happiness to all. We would like to thank Mr. DR. Dileep Kumar for his priceless help to us. We were disappointed as we didn’t have a child 4 yearsafter my marriage. One day, I came to know about the success stories of Dr.Dileep Kumar Sir @CarewellHoeopathic clinic from one of my friend. So I decided to consult Dr.Dileep.

During our initial consultation, Dr.Dileep Sir explained in detail about the different types of infertility and the success of homeopathy in treating such cases. Through a semen analysis, he identified the problems and started the necessary treatment.After 8 month of treatment, we have now become parents of a beautiful baby girl. So with immense pleasure, we would highly recommend Dr.Dileep to the couple those who are facing infertility issues and homeopathic treatment is a best solution for similar cases, our baby is a proof for that..Thanks

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Carewell homoeopathic fertility clinic……a solace to thousands of couples to flourish
I am Manoj and my wife’s name is Sikha. Actually we are from Thrissur but residing at Trivandrum as I am working in Technopark. We got married in 2008. We were in Japan in the initial years of our married life and after that she did her B.Ed, job etc. So around 4 years flown when we eventually started to think about a baby. We did some preliminary checkups in a private hospital in Trivandrum. As per them, there were no major problem to worry. After some months we decided to start treatment seriously. We started allopathy treatment from Thrisssur at first, but it was very difficult to continue as I am working in Trivandrum. So we continued it in a private hospital in Trivandrum almost for a year, but all out efforts were in vein. In our experience infertility treatment is one of the greatest business nowadays as couples will do anything for a baby. They focus on treating women first. In our case, my sperm count was okay but they didn’t check other parameters like motility etc. When asked about it, they said if count is okay then everything is okay for men. They suggested to undergo laparoscopy for her in the third month itself and they weren’t specific problems in it. They categorized our case as unexplained infertility. After 4 IUIs, they suggested to go for IVF. For a second opinion, we consulted doctor in another famous infertility hospital. There also same procedures continued and done another 4 IUIs. Because of continuous injections and medicines her health condition became worst. During the time we were hearing news about Dr. Dileep Kumar and his success stories. But as everyone we also thought allopathy is the best way to get faster result. After one year, they also advised to go for IVF.

Finally after 3 years of treatment in allopathy we decided to go with Dr. Dileep Kumar. He rekindled our spirit in the first visit itself with his positive nature. He advised us best ways to conceive in normal way and suggested to do sperm analysis in detail and found that motility was one of the major problem. Thus we started his medicines. We both had medicines, follicular study was done only in the first month which was very convenient for us as we were in Trivandrum. After first month, anyone can collect medicines from the doctor. The cost of medicines are very low compared to allopathy. We followed his instructions properly and in the 3rd month itself she got pregnant. We couldn’t believe it at first, after so much IUIs, normal conception was only a dream for us. But Dr. Dileep Kumar with his medicines and proper instructions helped us to achieve our dream.

And now I am very happy to say that we are blessed with a baby boy in December 14th 2015.

Indeed, words can’t express how thankful we are to Dr. Dileep Kumar for his guidance to make our dream come true.

Thank you very much Sir.

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After 2 years of marriage, we planned to start a family and as part of my wife’s routine check-up, the gynaecologist discussed with use to do a semen analysis test for me as well. We thought that it would be as simple as a blood test and did the test. When we got the test result, we were confused as to what the report meant. zero sperm count was highlighted in bold and terms such as Azoospermia were mentioned that made no sense to us. The gynaecologist tried to pacify us that test results can be negative at times due to various reasons such as stress and to do the test again later.. After multiple tests, the results were still the same – zero sperm count or Azoospermia..

After learning that we had fertility issues, we set about finding a cure as we did not have time to waste because of our age. Our situation was at times made worse with negative experiences from the unsympathetic and arrogant celebrity doctors of 3 famed infertility clinics in Kerala. Infertility related cases are handled in Kerala with varying rates of success and due to the doctors’ limited success in handling azoospermia cases, they often try to promote their business interests –sperm donor, etc for their own vested interests and promote their clinic’s success rate. One young doctor, who happened to be the son of an infertility clinic’s Director went so far as to claim that we can never have children and to consider a sperm donor.

However, our search did not stop and we never lost hope at any time. It was just a matter of finding Dr. K.B. Dileep Kumar at the right time.

During our initial consultation with Dr. Dileep, he explained in great detail the different types of infertility and the miracles of homoeopathy in treating cases that have no cure in allopathy. He then asked us to consult an urologist and do some blood tests in order to reach a diagnosis and start the necessary treatment. After nearly 2 years of treatment, we are now parents to a beautiful baby girl.

Words cannot express how thankful we are to Dr. Dileep for his guidance and help to make our dream come true. Helping people have the gift of a child is priceless. He has always been available to answer our many questions throughout this emotional roller coaster. I'm sure anybody struggling with infertility will tell you that it’s difficult, earth shattering, life altering and downright devastating to be in such a situation. Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strengths. At times, it was hard to believe that we were indeed going to become parents and by the grace of God, we had a healthy darling baby daughter.

Infertility is a difficult situation regardless of where the problems lay. The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind, don't play the blame-game, and encourage your partner. Look into your options, and don't accept no for an answer. Don't give up. You may receive discouraging news, they may tell you that you have no other options, but you have to keep trying.

We would highly recommend Dr. Dileep to couples that are facing infertility issues and our miracle baby is proof that homoeopathic treatment works for azoospermia.


Biju Thomas
Azoospermia -My brother is embryologist and surprised after seeing the sperms for the first time

Really I have no words to tell ..... It is you who gave hopes in life thanks for everything you are helping people like me.... Before I reach you I was misguided and I was in wrong path.... Even in Homeopathy hospitals like Homeocare international I was misguided they treated my problem like fever , cough but when I approached you are very clear about the tests I should undergo and also you clearly told the chances of getting results ..... One word about is you are genuine and take lot of time for every patient and then proceed with proper treatment.

When I approached you I had only one dead abnormal sperm (Azoospermia) but after taking 6 months of treatment it is 4 to 5 Normal sperms . My brother is embryologist and surprised after seeing the sperms for the first time but , Still long way to go but I got some confidence to proceed with medicines.

Please keep up the good work and GOD bless you every patient reach you .

I wish I will write another testiomonial after i get good count and baby.

I have attached the pics of sperms.

Keep doing the good work sir and hats-off to your patience towards every patient.





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